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[Rules] Guild

Post by -Alone on Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:05 pm

Guild Rules !

1. Don't spam guild chat!
2. Be polite and respectful!
3. Do not insult other users!
4. Do not troll other peoples if they don't like it!
5. Be ambitious about what you're doing!
6. Be active! Take part in guild activities!
7. Be fun!
8. Do not ask for boost please! Or at least do not spam the guild chat/pms ! If someone has time or want to they will answer first time you asked ! But it's better to not ask for boost because soloing is the best way to learn your class!
9. DO NOT SCAM! Scamming other players will result in permanent KICK no matter what rank or who! ANY FORM OF SCAMMING IS NOT TOLERATED!
10. Have fun! ^^
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