Dragon Nest EU Guild recruitment!

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Dragon Nest EU Guild recruitment!

Post by -Alone on Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:23 pm

DeepLove Guild

Guild Information:
Guild Level: 15
Guild Leaders: -Alone/Crilli
Veterans: Shjinta, Candy, SaigoNoGetsuga, Tartarion & Gambanteinn
Guild Members: 126/150 (Constantly growing)
Active daily: 15-25 online at the same time average is around 20
Guild goal: Most important is to have fun, because that's why we are playing this game, but in the proccess we're trying to make the guild grow and at the same time to make ourself to grow.

Guild History:
The guild was created in early december 2015 by -Alone & Crilli. The guild began to grow and expand. Slowly we made ourself quite known and managed to make a active guild!

PS: I really have to mention this. I'm really grateful to Shjinta for keeping the guild together while me and Crilli were kinda inactive. He was our Guild Master for a while and he keept the guild together. Many thanks Shjinta! ^^

So we began to grow we started doing guild runs and guild activities, and we began making guild events! I'll mention them in the post later on. So right now we're providing training in all kind of nests/rides and try to be as helpful as we can! So feel free to join us anytime! ^^

Guild Rules & Requirements:
Requirements: Be active and fun! All guild mebers which are inactive for more than 14 days will be removed!

Guild Rules:
1. Don't spam guild chat!
2. Be polite and respectful!
3. Do not insult other users!
4. Do not troll other peoples if they don't like it!
5. Be ambitious about what you're doing!
6. Be active! Take part in guild activities!
7. Be fun!
8. Do not ask for boost please! Or at least do not spam the guild chat/pms ! If someone has time or want to they will answer first time you asked ! But it's better to not ask for boost because soloing is the best way to learn your class!
9. DO NOT SCAM! Scamming other players will result in permanent KICK no matter what rank or who! ANY FORM OF SCAMMING IS NOT TOLERATED!
10. Have fun! ^^

Guild Events:
Our guild has 2 weekly events!

1.Hide&Seek every Friday between 20:00-22:00 CET (Server Time)
Rewards: 500g for each Veteran/Leader you find. Ex: If all of us is on at that moment you will have the chance to earn 3500g since we are 5 Veterans and 2 Leaders. The event will mostly be in SaintHeaven.

2. Guild Contribution.
What do you need to participate you ask? Absolutely nothing Crilli will check the rankings system 20:00 CET (Server time) every Friday to see who has earned most Guild experience this week and the one who has earned most will get the reward, if some of the veterans is top contributor a week then the gold just goes to the next week’s prize pool.
Hint: Go 4+ man parties for massive guild experience utill the daily EXP is capped or just keep grinding your ass off and earn little amount many times.
Reward:  Depends on 2 different things. Crilli’s mood & prize pool from last week, but the minimum prize is 500g

More events will come in time!!!


Recruit -> Member:  You will get that immediately when you join the guild.

Member -> Senior Guild Member: Active and Helpful

Senior Guild Member -> Veteran: Active, Helpful, TS User, knows your stuff around your class

So feel free to apply for our guild anytime you want! ^^
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